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 Alexander conqueror of the world

Main Gate of Harand Fort District Rajan Pur

This Historic and ancient fort is located nearby the city of Harrand, Jampur District Rajan Pur. Hindu Raja Harnacus” and his son “Lok Bhagat had constructed the Fort of Harrand on the style of Monojodero. The Fort was originally built opposite historic Chachar Pass in Suleman Range to guard against the invaders.

It is said that Alexander passed through this area on his quest to conquer the world. Antiques found in this area point to Alexander’s visit.

The fading signs of the edifice are still there in the forms of derbies and bricks scattered around the old site. Present structure of the Fort – a valuable part of our heritage – is situated about 25 kilometers west of sleepy and rustic town Dajal in district Rajan Pur. The Fort is spread over an area of 50 acres. The outer wall of whatever is left of it is one kilometer long and was made of thin red bricks. There are 16 pillars. Main entrance is in the west and another one is in the east. Whatever is left of the fort is a clear evidence of its past, solidity of masonry and quality of construction.

Muslim rulers from Muhammad Bin Qasim to Ahmed Shah Abdali had maintained their sovereignty at this area.

Sikh Governor Sawan Mall used the material of the old fort rebuilt the Fort on a new location in 1831. During British Raj, the same had been used as Military Garrison.  

Presently, there is a small Levy’s post in the fort.

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