Posted by : shabbirbhutta Friday, 12 April 2013

Our earth daily receives a large quantity of energy from the sun. If a small portion of this energy be converted into electricity that would be sufficient for our requirements. Solar energy could be converted into mechanical, chemical or electrical energy. Silicon solar cells can convert solar radiation directly into electricity and can be used for domestic lighting, fans, TV sets, computers, radio instruments and even for community lighting etc.    
Shortfall of electricity in Pakistan in the shape of load shedding is faced by a common man. To overcome the problem if, a part of the roof of an average house, is provided to solar panels, these can produce sufficient electricity to meet the entire energy requirement of the house. We must avail ourselves of this environment friendly energy.
It is added here that these systems are costly to install at its first installation etc. However, once installed, there is little expenditure involved and the device works for years and years together. This will be a free electricity and without any bill to be paid.

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  1. I have mounted myself a solar plant and its controlling systems.Every system is designed by me.It included DVMs, Voltage cutter, Charge controller etc.

    I designed it in such a way that after full battery charge KESE is shut down and whole house enters in UPS mode ill it reaches 11.6 volt.In this way a total 6 to 8 hours KESC is shuted down which curtails my Ebills.

    It is perfect and i monitor it daily.

    Saud 03218714663

  2. Dear Saud,
    It sounds good. Very informative. Thank you for sharing. Your project seems to be very encouraging Keep on. May ALLAH bless you always with the best!!!
    Shabbir A. Bhutta,

  3. It was nice coming across the post. Thanks for sharing such informative stuff.... solar panels

  4. Dear annie awati,
    Thank you for your interest and comments.

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    1. thank you for sharing your comments.

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  8. Nice blog. Yes solar energy is the biggest source to reduces our collective dependence on fossil fuel. There are so many equipments available today which operates on solar energy like solar freezer, refrigerators etc.

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