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Khyber is about a hundred miles away from Madina on the route to Syria in the present day Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It was an important settlement of the Jews. Literally "Khyber" means a fort, and the place was so named because it consisted of a series of forts. It was an oasis in the desert, and was conspicuous for its fields and groves of date palms. It was an important market as well. After their expulsion from Madina during the early days of Islam, most of the Jews of Banu Qainuqa and Banu Nadir took refuge in Khyber.

The Battle of Khaybar was fought in the year 629 between Muslims and the Jews living in the oasis of Khaybar. During the battle Ali ibn Abi Talib cleaved through a Jewish chieftain Marhab's helmet, splitting his skull and landing his sword in his opponent's teeth. After his victory in single combat, the battle commenced, allowing Ali to move closer to taking the citadel. During the battle, Ali lost his shield. In need of a substitute, he picked up a door from the wall and used it to defend himself. When the time came to breach the fortress, he threw the door down as a bridge to allow his army to pass into the citadel and conquer the final threshold. The door was said to be so heavy that it took eight men to replace it on its hinges. on eve of this he was bestowed the surname of the Lion of God" (Asadullah).

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